Boot floor for Mini 5-Door Hatch F55




The two supports shown in the pictures are included with the boot floor!

The false boot floor is compatible with every model of Mini 5-Door Hatch F55.

It is made of light and resistant multilayer wood, which can withstand up to 100kg of concentrated weight and 200kg of weight distributed over the entire floor.

Covered on both sides with high-quality and flame resistant carpet of the same color as the interior of the car.
It perfectly fits the trunk of the car and doesn’t move during the drive.

No tools are needed to mount the removable level floor, just open the trunk and insert the two supports included with the boot floor, lower the back seats and insert the boot floor, it will sit in the oiriginal grooves.

Still insecure if your car is compatible with this boot floor?
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Made in Italy
Weight ~5kg
Mounting time 1 minute