Here we answer your most frequently asked questions!

How can I tell if the boot floor is compatible with my car?

We suggest you to compare the product pictures with your car pictures, in case you still have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you to figure out which floorpan is compatible with your car!

Our qualified team is always available via Email or Whatsapp!

How much weight does the boot floor support?

Our boot floors are guaranteed up to 100kg of concentrated weight and 200kg of weight distributed over the entire flatbed, so no loading problems!

Are the supports I see in the photos included?

Of course!
Some of our boot floors models (Mini Countryman R60, Mini 3 Doors, Mini 5 Doors, Fiat 500x, Volkswagen Tiguan 2) include supports to fit the trunk to the flatbed and are included in the price and will be shipped with the boot floor!

Will I have to drill holes in the tapestry of my car to insert the boot floor?

Absolutely not, the floors we make fit perfectly into the trunk and in case the floor is arranged with supports these attach to the car carpet with Velcro, this way you can also remove it without any problems!

What material is the boot floor made of?

The boot floor is made of durable and flexible plywood that allows you to load a lot of weight (100kg concentrated or 200kg distributed) without breaking!

What color is the carpet used?

The carpet used is always the same color as the carpet in the car interiors, so no color difference!

Is the boot floor shaped for my car?

Of course! Each boot floor has its own size and shape, custom made.
In this way, the boot floor sits perfectly on the trunk and does not move or vibrate while the car is in motion!

I am ordering from the UK, will I have to pay taxes upon receipt of my order?

As of today if you order a piece of any boot floor there will be no extra import fee, except for the boot floor for VW Tiguan 2 which upon receipt will have to pay vat .

It depends on your order value, if your order value exceeds ~180€ without shipping upon receipt of your order you will have to pay vat.


How much is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost varies by destination, you can see how much it costs by adding a product to your cart and entering the address to calculate the shipping cost!

How quickly will I receive my product?

Generally if the product is immediately available we ship it in 24/48h, the delivery time varies from the destination. We only use reliable and fast couriers such as DHL or DPD for shipping. At the time of shipment you will receive a tracking code that tells you when your package will be delivered.

In case you still have any questions please feel free to contact us by Email or Whatsapp.