Boot Floors for Mini, Fiat, Jeep and Volkswagen

Your car without a boot floor? Don’t worry, we got you covered.
The lack of a level cargo floor in the boot is a problem for most owners of many vehicles, including Mini, Jeep, Volkswagen, BMW and Fiat.
Many car manufacturers don’t even offer the possibility of installing the boot floor after the car has been ordered, to solve this problem we created the removable boot floor.
Made of carpet in the same colour as the interior carpet and with a solid and precise construction, it will fit perfectly in the boot, creating a straight and even loading surface.
Bringing order to your boot and allowing for easier access when loading and unloading.
More than 1500 people have already chosen us from all over Europe and even the USA.

Ease of assembly
Our boot floors do not require any modifications to the boot, they can be fitted in just a few steps and very easily!

Fast delivery
Depending on the availability of the product, we will ship the same day or next day so that you can receive your product as soon as possible!

Safe shopping
You can choose to pay by Credit Card or PayPal, in any case no data related to your payment will be seen by us, all your data are safe and protected!